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Adding FocusCalm to your corporate wellness and
athletic training programs is a great way to improve
performance, reduce stress and keep your people
healthy and happy.
FocusCalm at work
Better Performance & Productivity

FocusCalm has been shown to increase users' sense of well-being at work by 21%

*Results based on a study conducted 8/15/2020 – 9/15/2020 by FocusCalm’s head neuroscience researcher Dr. Wasifa Jamal and is based on measurements using the World Health Organization’s WHO-5 Wellbeing Index.

Benefits Across The Organization

Happier Employees, Fewer Missed Days

Stress is a leading cause of workplace absences. FocusCalm helps you spot trends affecting all your workers.

Better Overall Health, Companywide

Lowering psychological stress can help reduce the costs of healthcare which helps everyone sleep better at night.

Building a More Productive Workforce

'Calm-Focus' can lead to greater productivity and better decision-making all across your organization.

More Energy, Creativity and Positivity

Helping employees maintain a calm, positive and mindful mindset can help reduce conflict and HR issues.

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