What is FocusCalm?-OLD - FocusCalm

FocusCalm is
mindfulness you can use.

FocusCalm is a special state of mind. It's a feeling of being relaxed and in control, yet fully present to the events and people around you. Sound impossible? It's not!

Actors use the FocusCalm mindset when recalling their lines on stage and interacting with other performers. Athletes are in FocusCalm during intense competition. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, teachers...anyone facing challenges and getting things done are likely using this powerful mindset.

Call it 'calm under fire' or 'grace under pressure.' But whatever term you use, it's something that most of us would love to be able to achieve. We can show you how.

A brain state
based on neuroscience.

Researchers have identified a specific brain pattern in high-performing professionals, athletes and thinkers. In this state, a person maintains a high level of awareness of their surroundings, yet shows few of the brainwave signatures of stress or anxiety.

Commonly, this mental state is often known as 'calm under fire' or 'grace under pressure.' Whatever term you use, it's something that most of us would love to be able to achieve. And we can show you how.

Your brainwaves tell a story.

Our brains are constantly in action. Every idea, thought, intention and feeling creates an electrical signal in our brains that, together, form a 'signature' of our state of mind.

Using sensors touching the skin of your forehead, the FocusCalm headband takes a real-time snapshot of what your brain signals look like. Our AI software compares your signals against a model based on thousands of samples of people who have trained for activities that require a focus-calm mindset...Elite athletes, race car drivers and many more.

Then, we build a plan to train your brain to do it.
Calm, even when your brain is active

A workout for your brain.

They say your brain is a muscle. Well, it isn't...But many of the principles that apply to training muscles work for brain training.

Working through puzzles is proven to increase your ability to solve problems over time. Repetition and memorization improve your mind's storage capacity. And amazingly, just thinking about positive things can actually improve your mood.

FocusCalm's neuroscientists have developed specific exercises and games that train you to lower the stress signals from your brain even while your brain is engaged in purposeful activity.

And the results can help you feel better in just 30 days.

Special Introductory Offer

Try FocusCalm for 30 days and if you don't feel less stress and a greater sense of wellbeing, we'll give you your money back.