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A drug-free way to measure and reduce stress.

FocusCalm is a wearable EEG headband that uses neurofeedback to train your brain for low-stress productivity.

As you do games and exercises in the app, a sensor on your forehead picks up small fluctuations in the electrical activity of your brain.

The more you relax, the higher your score goes. Just like a workout that helps you get stronger over time, FocusCalm’s neurofeedback trains your brain to more easily, quickly and consistently keep your brain’s stress activity low, even when you’re not wearing or using the headband.  

Neurofeedback at your fingertips


Learn how to control your mindset with guided meditations, simple neuro games and content from experts to help you discover new tricks and techniques for calming your mind.


Build a daily routine to practice your skills...Research shows that 12 minutes of mindfulness a day can improve your sense of wellbeing in as little as 21 sessions with FocusCalm.
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Training for your brain


Staying calm, even when life gets chaotic, can help you be more productive and feel less burnout. FocusCalm's focus games engage your brain as you try to keep your stress low.
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