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A natural way to measure and reduce stress.

FocusCalm combines a wireless, wearable EEG headband with a mobile app that trains your brain for low-stress productivity.

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Neurofeedback at your fingertips

Play your way to less stress

FocusCalm's games are simple, engaging activities that you can play in a few minutes a day...and get meaningful results.

Train with experts

Learn how to put your mind into a highly productive yet low-stress state with exercises and tips from psychologists, doctors and coaches.
Training for your brain

Find your FocusCalm anytime

Preparing for a meeting? Getting ready for a competition? Need a quick reset of your mood? FocusCalm's Tracker lets you choose a duration and then tracks your brainwaves.
FocusCalm tracks your brainwaves

Connect your moods and stress

Studies show that being mindful of your moods can help you manage them better. The Wellness Calendar keeps a record of your feelings so you can take control of your emotions.
FocusCalm tracks your wellness

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